Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle

Prince Harry spotted holding hand with new girlfriend Meghan Markle! The duo were spotted around the streets of London.

The new couple have been dating ‘since the beginning of the year, after a romantic dinner at trendy private members’ club Soho House on Wednesday’ states the

Meghan Markle, 35 years old, that lives in Canada where she films the hit television show Suits, has found a sitter for her dogs for her long stay in London with the Prince, 32 years old.

Prince Harry, 32, was wearing a black blazer and blue beanie hat when he walked in Soho with his famous actress girlfriend

One source told dailymail that she may move to London permanently by the end of the year, once her filming have finished, and the creators of the legal drama she stars in are already looking at ways to write her out. They say Harry has fallen ‘heads over heels’ for the actress and is desperately keen for the relationship to work. add the .

Wowoo, Good luck to the happy couple! Will they last?

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