Lady Gaga Super Bowl half time show is 2nd greatest show ever! Re-watch the show!

Lady Gaga Super Bowl half time show 2017 is the greatest half time show ever, second only to Katy Perry 2015 performance.

Re-watch Lady Gaga half time show at the Super Bowl 2017 below!

Gaga performed her best hits as Poker face, Bad romance, Born this way and Millions reasons, the succes of the show brought Gaga to increase the sales on line of her old hits on Sunday, an increase of Lady Gagaover the 1.000% of sales.

Her performance at the super bowl have been watched by more than 100 million U.S. viewers claim the dailymail.

The show is second for views only to Katy Perry half time show at the Super Bowl 2015, when Katy arrive on the stage riding a giant lion and finished her performance flying with a comet. Re-watch Katy Perry show below and vote your favorite one!

While twitter went crazy over Lady Gaga amazing performance on Sunday, some people just went body shaming Lady Gaga, 30 years old, because of her exposed belly. For some people Lasy Gaga is ‘FAT’! Do you belive that?

Her litle Monster just went on twitter to defend her mother writting that ‘Belly is beautiful!’. I thing her body is amazing and fit! What do you think? Bad body or bad picture?

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An other well discussed issue on the internet, after her performance at the Super Bowl was that her ex fiance was cheering at her performance during tha half time show.

A Lady Gaga’s fan twitted the picture of a guy, the one behind the red hat gay, that resemble her ex.

In December TMZ reported the two ‘still talk’. Any possibility to have them back together? We hope so.

Can you spot him? But the image of Taylor behind a pal was actually taken in 2015

We see you: Her ex Taylor Kinney appeared to be in the audience

Re-watch Lady Gaga half time show at the Super Bowl 2017 below!

Lady gaga were interview at Good Morning America few days ago were she explained her training for her performance at the Super Bowl 2017, whatch it below, Gaga explained that she did a lot of cardio and tained as an athlete. Good work Gaga!



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